1122 Swarovski Crystal Rivolis

swarovskicategorybanner.jpgSwarovski Rivolis are symmetrical shallow bicones with both bottom and top sides shaped the same and with triangular facets running to the pointy top of a stone. Our fascination with Rivolis started when we began experimenting with appliying custom coated finishes to them. Coatings expanded the range of colors on Rivolis. You can make stunning designs with Eureka Crystal Beads' Swarovski Rivolis using seed beads to make a Peyote Stitch bezel or by putting them in our decorative Designer Bezel Rivoli Settings. You will find the most unusual coating and color combinations here. Many of them are one of a kind due to the unpredictable nature of a custom coating process. Some colors will never be replicated and instantly become vintage. These qualities make them irresistible. If you don't believe us start browsing now and we guarantee you that before you know it you'll be adding them to your cart or wishlist. Please also take a look at our extremely popular Swarovski Chatons. Chatons are no-hole stones like Rivolis, but are deeper in the back and have a flat face.