11x7mm Ufo Beads JET Czech Glass (20 pcs)

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Ufo Beads are shaped like flying saucers:

Czech Glass Ufo Beads JET are oval shaped and approximately 11x7 mm in size. These unusual beads are out of this world and are sure to make a statement like no other when added to any beaded jewelry design. Shaped like little flying saucers, these Czech pressed glass beads will add a new level of excitement and interest sure to catch the eye! Their slightly irregular shape and off-center hole makes them ideal for stringing. We carry them in some outstanding finishes. Try them in your designs and enjoy instant results.

Czech Glass Ufo Beads Jet Specifications:

  • Color: Jet
  • Category: 1-hole beads
  • Shape: Ufo
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Material: Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 11x7 mm
  • Quantity: Ufo Beads Jet are sold by 20 pieces