2-Hole Beads Czech Glass


Czech Two Hole Beads are made in several shapes and sizes. Most of the Two Hole Beads are called CzechMates but there are some which come from different Czech factories and don't carry that brand name. In many projects the base is made of traditional Czech Glass Seed Beads or Japanese Seed Beads but if you would like to add stability to your design, or hold beads firmly in place in multi-dimentional designs, you should use Czech 2-hole beads. We carry a large selection of these pressed glass beads and due to their increasing popularity we continuously add new colors and finishes to our already extensive offering. So if you have not tried them yet buy them now from EurekaCrystalBeads.com, your most reliable bead supplier, and see how great they are to work with. We love these beads and we guarantee you'll love them too! See our Czech Seed Beads category for one-hole seed beads. Don't forget to check our free beading patterns and a gallery of designs for inspirations.