2-Hole Cabochon Beads 7 mm CzechMates



7 mm 2-Hole Cabochon Beads are part of a multi-hole CzechMates Bead System

2-Hole Cabochon Beads have a flat bottom and a domed top. These Cabochon CzechMates are 6.5 mm across and about 5 mm tall, they have two parallel holes which are drilled close to the bottom of the bead and spaced about 2 mm apart from each other. These beads were initially launched as 6 mm and later reclassified as 7 mm. They are not to be confused with the smaller 6 mm 2-hole Cabochons. The difference in the size between 6 mm and 7 mm Cabochons is substantial so despite their identical shape these beads cannot be used together in the same design. They are however interchangeable and almost all patterns which call for Cabochons can be done with either size. We also offer 6 mm Cabochons. They are listed as a separate category. Please don't forget to check out 3-hole Beams and Prong Beads which were launched at the same time as CzechMates 2-hole Cabochons.   

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