2-Hole Es-O Beads




Es-O are round flat lentil-shaped beads tapered on both sides like a Superduo: 

2-hole Es-O Beads, also called Es-O Mini are 4mm round, flat discs with a bulge on both sides of the bead. The tapered design makes them nicely interlock with each other and with other Czech glass beads. Es-O beads are great for bead weaving and also come handy in beading embroidery. Try using them in bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Es-O Beads are great for creating multi-dimensional designs:

Use these disc-shaped beads in a variety of beading projects. We offer them in several popular colors. 2-hole Es-O Beads are sold by 10 gram, approximately 160 pieces. 

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