2-Hole Honeycomb Beads




Honeycomb Beads are 6 mm Hexagons:

2-hole Honeycomb Beads are popular for their versatility and a very attractive look. Everyone is buzzing about these beautiful pressed glass Honeycomb Beads. These Czech glass beads are 6 mm hexagons with two parallel holes going through the flat side of the bead. Due to their shape they interlock and create a sweet visual effect reminiscent of a honeycomb. See our popular free bracelet pattern for some ideas on how to use these beads for jewelry making.

Buy Honeycomb Beads from Eureka Crystal Beads:

Not only that you will be able to choose from the immense selection of colors available on these pages, you will be saving money by buying directly from us. 2-hole Honeycomb Beads are sold by 30 pieces and if you purchase a quantity of 3 or more of each color you will be saving additional 10% off our already low prices.

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