2-Hole Nib-Bit Beads


Nib-Bit Beads are Perfectly Polished Bits of Genius

2-hole Nib-Bits are shaped like a wedge that's been tapered at one end, a bit like a raw corn kernel. They have two parallel holes large enough for multiple passes of beading thread. They are also finished the same way Firepolish beads are, so they have an extra special sheen. Once you hop on the Nib-Bit train, there is no getting off. You'll be dreaming of them... whispering their name incoherently in your sleep. Part of the 2-hole revolution, the idea is to use their subtle irregularity to create something that looks natural when utilized in a design. They're amazing for ethnic-looking designs, bezeling, and emulating anything organic. They were designed by Nela Kábelová and we feature more than a few patterns of hers using them on the site - the Timbuktu Earrings  are absolutely to die for if you need somewhere to get started. We offer Nib-Bit Beads in 20 gram packages, holding approximately 120 pieces each.

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