2-hole ZoliDuo Beads




Zoliduo beads have a unique raindrop shape:

Zoliduo Beads are one of the most uniquely shaped Czech Glass Beads. Made in a right and a left version they are a little tricky so think your pattern through before using them. You may bead only a left, only a right or incorporate both versions in a more intricate design. These beads are a lot of fun to work with. Zoliduos' unique curved raindrop shape creates a yin and yang effect which is pleasing to the eye.   

Keep in mind that Zoliduos are made in a left and a right:

Use this unique bead for all of your designs. Working with this pressed glass bead will be very interesting; bringing new ideas and innovations for each creation. Beading with contrasting or complimentary colors will enhance your timeless creations. Get inspired! See our selection and add them to your cart. We sell Zoliduos in both versions in the same colors. Zoliduo Beads are offered in packages of 50 pieces.  

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