3-Hole Beam Beads CzechMates




3-hole Beam Beads are bar-shaped spacer beads.

3-hole Beam Beads are part of a multi-hole beading system called CzechMates. These pressed Czech Glass Beads are 3 mm wide, 10 mm long and approximately 2.5 mm thick. Beam Beads have relatively large holes which allow for multiple passes of a beading thread. The three holes are drilled parallel to one another and about 2 mm apart. The edges of these beads are nicely rounded. These beads are similar in look to 2-hole Bars. They look almost like a stretched version of a CzechMates Bar with an extra hole.

Use 3-hole Beam Beads to create your own intricate designs.

These 3-hole beads are ideal for creating multi-dimensional designs and can also be used as spacers or connectors. For ideas on how to use them see our free beading patterns.

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