5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones





The 5328 XILION cut SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL BICONES are Swarovski's most popular bead shape because they are the most versatile, the most cost effective and come in the largest variety of sizes, colors and finishes. The new 5328 XILION cut Bicone has replaced the older 5301 faceted bicone. The copyrighted XILION cut has alternating facets of different sizes that produce perfect light refraction and especially intense light distribution. Swarovski guarantees exclusivity for their XILION cut bicones so Swarovski customers can rest assured that theirSwarovski XILION cut crystals are of unparallel brilliance, making the XILION cut bicone a must-have addition to your beaded designs.                                                                                          

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