6mm Silky Bead AMETHYST OPAQUE LUSTER 2-Hole Czech Glass Beads (40 pcs)

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Silky Amethyst Opaque Luster 2-Hole Czech Glass Bead:  

Silky Bead Amethyst Opaque Luster is a Tile-Shaped Bead that is a 6mm size with two diagonal holes giving it the appearance of a diamond. These beads are great for weaving and will add an extra element of style to your design. The front of each bead displays a grooved surface, while the back is flat creating a uniform design. The bead holes are large enough to allow for multiple passes of thread. The corners are softly rounded and will not damage your thread or skin. These lustrous beads are made in The Czech Republic and have a very consistent size and shape. Choose from our extensive selection of colors and create your own jewelry with these attractive and popular beads. 

Create an unforgettable style with Silky Amethyst Opaque Luster 2-Hole Czech Beads. These trendy beads are drilled on the diagonal; allowing you to add dimension to your one of a kind creations. Give yourself an unforgettable look with these Silky Amethyst Opaque Luster Beads. Check out our latest selection and add them to your cart! 

Silky Bead Amethyst Opaque Luster 2- Hole Czech Glass Bead:

  • Color: Amethyst Opaque
  • Category: 2-Hole Bead
  • Shape: Silky Tile Beads
  • Country: Czech Republic 
  • Material: Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 6mm
  • Hole size: 0.8mm
  • Quantity: Silky Bead Amethyst Opaque Luster 2-Hole Czech Glass Beads are sold by 40 pieces