Aiko Color Mixes



Our Aiko mixes are specially crafted by Eureka’s Design Coordinator. They provide beaders with a launch pad (or palette, rather) from which they can create anything! Whether you use them for a stunning superior-quality Peyote bracelet or embroidering fabric, our color mixes will guarantee your project's color-scheme will leave you breathless. Aikos, made of lead-free glass and measuring approximately 1.75 x 1mm, are the most consistent in shape and size of all seed beads available from TOHO and are 'the' bead of choice when it comes to all your favorite bead stitches. Our mixes come with 5 colors, 4 grams each for a total of 20 grams of beads. We also offer color mixes for Miyuki Delicas as well!

Did you catch the Peyote Bracelet Leah made with Aikos?


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