Arcos par Puca 5x10mm 3-Hole Czech Glass Beads (10g) BLUE METALLIC SUEDE

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Sold by: 10 grams, approx. 40 pcs
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Arcos par Puca Blue Metallic Suede are 3-hole crescent shaped beads. The holes run parallel through the width of the bead. These beads were designed by a French beader and designer who, as the story goes, couldn't find a perfect bead so she designed her own. Arcos par Puca can be used with Minos par Puca or other glass beads to create intricate patterns. 

Arcos par Puca Specifications:

  • Color: Blue Metallic Suede
  • Category: par Puca Beads
  • Shape: Arcos, crescent shaped 
  • Designer: Puca 
  • Material: Czech Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 5mm wide, along the stringing holes, 10mm long, and about 3mm thick
  • Hole size: approximately 0.7mm, fits up to 21 gauge wire or thread 
  • Quantity: sold by 10 grams (approximately 40 pieces).

Arcos par Puca Beads are perfect for a variety of beading projects:

Arcos beads are pressed from lead-free glass, don't have facets and have smooth, rounded edges. They have large holes in relation to their size. The holes will accomodate multiple passes of stringing material. Use Arcos par Puca Blue Metallic Suede color with contrasting or complementary colors of Minos par Puca and other glass beads to create timeless necklaces, earrings and bracelets.