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Chroniker Bracelet Pattern


Chroniker Bracelet Pattern

Chroniker Herringbone Bracelet

The Chroniker Bracelet is worked in a Herringbone stitch. It is so named because of its hourglass shape. 'Chroniker' is a synonym for the word hourglass. This bracelet has a super drape, a unique texture worked into it with 'float beads' between the heringbone columns, and works up quickly because of its two-bead per stitch technique. If you are new to Heringbone stitch this project will have you hooked in no time. If you already work with the Heringbonne stitch, a myriad of inspiration awaits with the 'float bead'. Our Toho Seed Beads size 11 & 15 and 3 mm Swarovski Bicones are used in this bracelet.

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