Custom Bead & Crystal Color Mixes




The Easy Path to Perfect Color Coordination - Exclusive Mixes from Eureka’s Color Lab!

Color coordinating can be a grueling task for even the most experienced of beaders. Our mixes are a brilliant way to assist with or completely bypass this step in your projects. We offer four different types: Swarovski Rivoli & Chaton Accents, Seed Beads, Czech Glass, and Swarovski Bicones. There are 24 captivating palette options with five colors each for every type of mix, so eighty options to choose from! We highly recommend combining different mix types, but even alone you can’t go wrong. These mixes are a great way to guarantee that all your beads will flawlessly work together! 

From time to time certain beads that make up these fabulous mixes may sadly not be available to us any longer or may become backordered for quite a while. In situations like this, we may slightly adjust a mix with a substitution in order to not halt production for an extended period of time. We will always maintain the integrity of the mix as best we can (and will take updated photographs if needed to newly represent it) but it’s for these reasons that we encourage you to purchase all you need of a particular mix at one time for the current project you’re working on.

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