Czech Gemstone Rondelles Clearance




Czech Glass Gemstone Rondelles , are slightly flattened and extensively faceted and bring out the sparkle inherent in the high quality Bohemian glass. They are made in the Czech Republic from lead-free glass. Manufacturing process for these beads is similar to Czech Firepolish Beads. They are pressed out of colored glass rods, processed on semi-automatic grinding machines to eliminate defects like lumps, or indentations and finally placed in large ovens for fire polishing, during which their surface is slightly melted to make them look shiny and feel smooth. Gemstone Donuts have large number of facets (more than any other beads) which make them reflect a lot of light. Our richly colored and lavishly finished Doughnuts offer a stunning variety that will tickle your imagination and set your creative juices flowing. Use them with our Swarovski Crystal Pearls Use them in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watch bands, charms, pendants and to adorn plain eye glass cords or lanyards. Your options are limitless!

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