Czech Size 15 Charlotte Seed Beads




Add some shine to your next project with Charlotte Beads:

Coveted by many beaders, Charlotte Beads have a history of being difficult to get a hold of. Their unique property is a singular shaved down facet that has been cut into the bead while the rest of it remains rounded. This facet catches the light so any project made with them is guaranteed to benefit from an extra luminous effect. It is rumored they were first used in the 19th century French garment trade, only made in size 13. Since then, size options have expanded with size 15 being the most popular choice amongst beaders by far. Our selection of Charlotte beads all have a genuine, pure precious metal coating which adds to their value. The size 15 has a 0.6 mm hole which will work with a size 12 beading needle and size D beading thread. If wire work or stringing is more your speed, these are still wonderful and work with 24-gauge wire or 0.014 beading wire.

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