CzechMates is a multiple-hole bead system which has revolutionized the beading industry. Multi-hole beads have opened new design possibilities and added stability to weaved designs by holding beads firmly in place. This characteristics is especially very important in elaborate, complex and multi-dimensional beaded designs. CzechMates beads are made in several popular shapes like 2-hole Cabochons, 2-hole Tiles, 2-hole Triangles, 2-hole Bricks, 2-hole Crescents, 2-hole Daggers, 2-hole Lentils, 3-hole Beams, 4-hole Tiles and 4-hole Lentils. Not all multiple-hole beads are CzechMates and you will not see them listed here. To purchase other shapes of beads with 2 or more holes like Arcos Par Puca, Superduos, Honeycombs, etc. go to Czech Glass. At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry a large selection of CzechMates and continuously add new colors and finishes to our already extensive line.