LIME PEARL 4mm Button Czech Glass Beads (100pcs)

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Lime Pearl cone-shaped Button Beads:

These uniquely shaped Czech Button beads are 4mm tall and have a single hole going through the side of a cone. They have a flat bottom and a pointed top. A single hole goes through a wider bottom part. These small beads look like spikes. They can be easily used with seed beads and Swarovski beads to create all kinds of funky, modern designs. You can string them with the spiky side up or reverse them to show a flat top in your beaded designs.

Lime Pearl 4mm Button Czech Glass Beads specifications:

  • Color: Lime Pearl
  • Shape: Button Beads
  • Country: Czech Republic   
  • Category: 1-hole Beads 
  • Material: Czech Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 6mm
  • Hole size: 0.6mm, fits up to 22 gauge wire or thread
  • Quantity: Lime Pearl 4mm Button Czech Glass Beads are sold by 100 pieces