Melon Beads 8 mm




8mm Czech Melon Beads have a grooved surface: 

8mm Czech Glass Melon Beads are just the right size to make you fall in love with their distinctive surface and mesmerizing colors and coatings. These beads feature a rounded shape with a grooved texture.  They can truly stand out in any design. Use them as focal points in your necklaces, or make a simple memory wire bracelet. You will not be able to take your eyes off them. .

Add Style and Texture to your designs:

These Melon beads feature a rounded shape, making them a classic choice for your beading projects. Decorative ridges along the surface of this round bead break the uniformity of light, creating contrasting shadows. Check out our selection and chose your favorite colors. At Eureka Crystal Beads we offer only the best colors. Czech Glass Melon beads are offered in packages of 50 pieces.


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