Micro Spacer Beads




Micro Spacer Beads are faceted firepolish discs:

From the family of Czech firepolish beads comes a Micro Spacer. These Beads are 2x3 mm round faceted and disc-shaped. They have the same diameter and a hole size as round 3mm firepolish beads but are flat. Micro Spacers look like 3mm Firepolish beads have been shaved off. These beads can be used in a variety of beading designs, work well with seed beads as well as larger pressed glass beads. 

Design with these little faceted discs for the ultimate effect:

Micro Spacer Beads are fun to work with and will add sparkle and interest to your projects. Choose from many beautiful colors below and use them in your next project. They are available for immediate delivery. We offer Micro Spacer Beads in packages of 50 pieces.  


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