More Ideas with Cosmic Cluster Beadway Box

So many beads in a Beadway Box, so many Cosmic Cluster little flowers you can make with them, but how many post earrings can one have? In a series of 5 short videos, we will show you 5 quick and easy ways to use the Cosmic Cluster design to make all sorts of jewelry, from earrings and creative earring attachments you can add to any post earrings, through a ring, to a bracelet and a necklace. Make them all to mix & match or wear all at once! A new video will appear here every day from October 16th through 20th, so you can make one part of the big Cosmic Cluster set with us every day! 

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Products used in all 5 instructional videos: 

This quick & easy tutorial will show you how, in just one easy step along the design, you can make dangle earrings, instead of post earrings, using the Cosmic Cluster design! Grab your favorite ear wires or earring posts and try!

In this video, you’ll discover a 5-minute way to make your every pair of post earrings special. Take your pliers and 2 head pins and make these dangly earring post attachments you

can add to any stud earrings, just put the earring in and add the attachment behind your ear before putting on the back!

Would it be any good if you couldn’t make a bracelet out of it? In this video, you’ll learn how to put together a lovely charm bracelet. The tiny Cosmic Cluster flowers dangling about your wrist with your every move are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Cosmic Cluster is another one of our Beadway Box designs that is just begging to be a ring. In this easy tutorial, we’ll show you a pretty and quick way to make this design into a ring you won’t ever want to take off!

Take as many Cosmic Cluster elements as you have and put them on a beading wire! Let us show you how to make a 15-minute delicate and feminine necklace worthy of a forest fairy!