What are People Saying About Eureka?

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"I love everything about your products. Have a great Holiday Season "
- Michelle

"Could not find these beads in this shade anywhere. Thank you thank you!"
- Lois

"You have a fabulous dagger inventory. Thx"
- Jennifer

"I REALLY like your new crystal line. Maybe it's not 'S', but it's super pretty and really affordable."
- Alisa

"Thank you so much, you guys are the best!!!!!"
- Liz

"I bought a number of stones. All were lovely. One came chipped. Eureka sent me a pair for the one chipped at no charge. Great business ethics. I will order from them again."
- Tracy

"Thank you for the YouTube tutorials!"
- Brooke

"I just wanted to say thank you again for my winning TOHO beads... They are gorgeous... I posted a pic on your Facebook page to confirm the winnings.. thank you all again for this blessing.."
- Sonia

"Thank you so much for all your help! The customer service has been exceptional! Looking forward to the rest of the order any day now. I love shopping with Eureka!"
- L

"Thank you for your prompt service. Happy beading!"
- Linda

"I have bought beads from you ceveral times, and I am very happy with your customer service. Once I made a mistanke and my package was sent to Panama, but you found it and made sure it got to Norway. I was so grateful for that. I also bought some of your collections, very inspiring! "
- Eldbjørg

"Thank you for your prompt service. Happy Beading."
- Linda

- Darlene

"This is the best place to purchase beads, cabs and everything else my absolute one and only go to for my beads."
- Cathi

"Thank you, I received my order today on 20th of Jan. I guess maybe the holiday thru them off. I am enjoying my crystals. I would like to order more later. Thank you."
- L

"Thank you for having really stocked up on EVERYTHING. I very sadly had to shop elsewhere for over a year now and I ended up here from a link from Bronzepony!!!. I am happy shopping with your site after Tonight!!!!. THANK you. VERY HAPPY"
- Brandy

"Merry Christmas! Thank you for providing great products."
- K

"To whom it may concern,

I am writing to thank you all for all the great beads and very great selection in your collections you have had. Although I wasn't able to get some if the collections, but the ones I was able to get I loved it, and especially the photos that come along with the collections.

I told one of your employees named Bo how I collected it as well and hung it on my wall... I call it the Eureka Wall... heh heh..

But thanks again for the beautiful collections

Aloha "

- Lyanne

"Happy holidays - thanks for the sale! "
- Amanda

"So happy to have found you!"
- L.

"Thank you so much for your email and quick response, excellent customer service. I really appreciate it."
- Ivonne

"Thanks so much! The replacement items arrived safely :D"
- Wendy

"Your business has been a wonderful entry into online purchases. I started watching the wonderful tutorials on YouTube. My local bead store closed and I needed some extras to make jewelry, you inspired me to make. I’m usually not an online purchaser. I felt if your wonderful tutorials were any indication of the service you would provide, I would find a new but distanced home. And I’m pleased to say you are a winner!🎉👍😊

I am not working at this time and my husband has just cut back to part time hours for his job. I will continue to support all that I can on the limited income. Wish I could make a purchase everyday!😜

Thank you! "

- Lynne

"Thank you for looking into this. If it is at all possible I would love it if you would put it as a credit with Eureka. I know for sure I will be ordering again. "
- Tammy

"I received my package just now, much earlier than expected, so thank you! Thank you so much."
- Makiko L.

"Thanks for checking up on it for me. I got it today, well worth the wait!

Thanks for your help!"

- Janice

"Excited about this collection... had to order the minute it dropped!"
- Erin C.

"Yay, another collection!"
- Deb

"YAY!!!!!! I have been wondering if you guys were going to restock that. I am so excited and cannot wait!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
- Tammy

"I need to order these new Krakovski crystals - shipping to Austria is not so fast -
so I would like to order very soon - will you get those perfect crystals very soon I hope?
- Astrid

"I recently purchased several of your collections (having discovered you thru Pinterest). Today, I finally got to open one package; the Serene Lavender collection. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! I am a customer for life! I'm just totally blown away by the attention to detail. Everything numbered so I can easily identify things, so helpful....some things I've never worked with before, so identifying them is so important. I've bought "kits" from other companies, and they have nowhere come close to the quality in yours! I have another package to open....I can't wait! The laundry might just have to wait! Thank you so much!"
- Robin

"Thank you for your prompt service. I am always so excited to receive my beads and findings from Eureka Crystal Beads."
- Linda

"Love your collections, glad you brought it back! Thanks!"
- Patricia

"Oooo! I’m coming back! You have the beads I needs! "
- Laurie

"I can't wait and I'll buy heaps cause it will be my birthday on the 11th ah can't wait can't wait"
- Annette

"Can hardly wait for the spring collection; count me in! Using Stephanie from Bronzepony was a brilliant idea. She is my favorite designer and is so generous in sharing her ideas on her clearly shown tutorials. "
- Sue

"I have ordered several items from Eureka Crystal Beads. Each and every one of the items were gorgeous and high quality! This is my absolute favorite place to order my beads from! Thank You!"
- Shelley

"The monthly subscriptions were awesome I wish they were back"
- Claudia

"Can’t wait to start beading again after my cancer surgery thanks for the sale!"
- Nancy

"I’m doing a project that I have designed myself and I chose Eureka to get all of my crystal beads from because they have a great selection"
- Val

"I love the jewelry kits you have, I’ve bought some to give to my granddaughter to make!"
- Valerie

"Hi Eureka! Have a wonderful day and thank you for all you do for us beaders . Truly appreciate it!"
- Linda

"I loved your collections! I appreciate your pricing too."
- SueEllen

"Cymbal Findings! Amazing!"
- Monica

"Thank you you so much. You're awesome."
- Cindy

"Thank you for all of the work and care that you've put in to the Collections. They are appreciated, and will be missed!"
- Lee Ann

"It arrived today! I am thrilled. I can now finish my project AND it's companion pieces. Once again THANK YOU! I will continue to buy from you forever."

- Rose

"That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!!

I just got my latest package from Eureka today, so I will be having a great weekend.

You have a great weekend too!

Thanks again"

- Denise

"Great collections! Thank you."

- Naomi

"Hello to all at Eureka Beads- Just a short note to let you know, my order arrived here on October 14th. It was in perfect condition, and all items on the order were accounted for. I am so pleased with the collections box-I love the fall season, so this was right up my alley! The other small package filled with crescent beads, which are lovely, by the way, will be used to create a necklace design I saw in a beading magazine about a zillion years ago! Thank you so much for providing all the items I need to help me through this covid 19 "thing", to help keep my fingers busy and out of trouble, and giving me the inspiration needed to make lots of beautiful pieces of jewelry."

- Sue

"Thank you for such a good selection, and fast shipping can’t wait for my first curated oct box thanks again."

- Maria

"Thanks for your wonderful service and I hope that you will have a wonderful evening."

- Judy

"Thank you! I just received it today and everything is just beautiful!"

- Audrey

"Thank you so much for your prompt and accurate service. I have been ordering from you for a while now and I know I can always count on you. Thank you."

- Linda

"Again, many appreciations for the Eureka site and for the variety of materials needed for the beading. In Europe I have not found such a professional store and site."

- Monica

"Re: Wow!

I just retrieved my order from my mailbox and oh my gosh I guess i got a little carried away but everything is SO pretty! Thank you for such a quick delivery and for the $5.00 coupon. I'll definitely put it to good use."

- Janet

"Hi folks! Just wanted let you know my order arrived today—that was FAST! And I appreciate the little gift bag of miscellaneous beads! You people ROCK!"

- Amy

"Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. And a special thanks for the free goodies you sent which was a very pleasant surprise. It's always a pleasure doing business with you."

- Sharon

"Greetings Eureka Folks! :-) I just entered your Giveaway Contest for the Collections and I must say I am really impressed with your marketing idea of naming the collections and using the visual accompaniment ie the pictured cards to demonstrate how the various beads suit the themes Well done EUREKA"

- Mary

"I love my bead collection I purchased ...can't always afford to buy often but when I need certain things I will be looking for them at Eureka Crystal !!!"

- Toni

"I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to have found you! You have findings I have not been able to find in the bead sites I usually order from. Thank you!!"

- Jo

"My collection arrived today and it is your best yet ladies!!!! I love it!! I also purchased a few other items to go with it and they were great with it. Thank you!! Someday I’d love to create a collection for you all, just letting you know!!!"

- Nancy

"I'm super excited to start beading with my new fairy frost collection..I am truly satisfied with my order."

- Alexie

"It never ceases to amaze me! I live on the West Coast and Eureka gets here faster than orders from companies that are a 2 hour drive south of me, or a 5 hour drive north. That, and such wonderful products!!"

- Laurena

"Thank you very much for your email! I'm so happy that you care so much about your customers."

- Katya

"It sure IS fun, and the results are stunning! I have several family birthdays to make gifts for this month, and so little time to make them - so my first one is already finished! I used 10mm Vintage Swarovski Crystals in Light Blue AB x 2 down the centre and alternated Swarovski Pearls in Cream and Swarovski Crystals in Clear AB x 2 at the sides with Silver-coated seed beads and finished with a Solid 925 Sterling Silver toggle clasp and crimp covers ... my God, it's SO PRETTY! It's for my Mother who always says, "I love any colour so long as it's blue" .. LOL! Now I can't wait to do the same thing again, but in pink Vintage Swarovski for my niece who loves everything in pink : ) Thank you so much!!"

- J.


I love your company!! My first and previous order of beads was amazing!

- Muriel

"Hi Eureka crystal beads

Just to let you know that the order I made two months ago has arrived in New Zealand and I couldn't be happier. Absolutely Love it and so pleased it finally got here. I hope you are all well and get through pandemic safely.

Kind regards,

- Fiona

"I just recieved my collection today!! It is beautiful!!!"

- Sheila

"Hi there my order arrived today. Thanks, super fast .

I’m delighted with the beads, the quality looks very lovely. Your duo findings look very nice too.
Also many thanks for my free gift . How very kind, now I have to find a way to use them.
Thank you again. I’m sure I will continue to watch for special buys from you."
- Marilyn

"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads-

Just a short note to let you know, my order, arrived at my door on Saturday, June 6th. It was filled correctly-with all items listed in the Beach Dunes Collection accounted for. The collection and a few vials of seed beads were packaged as “snug as a bug in a rug”, so, it was in perfect condition.

Thank you so much for the excellent service everyone at Eureka provides, especially during this very strange time we’re having to deal with—thanks for providing me with such beautiful items so I am able to attempt to occupy my brain with something other than worry. I truly appreciate your hard work at trying to keep running your business as close to “normal” as you are able to.

Now, to my bead mat and beyond!!!"

- Sue

"Beautiful earrings! So excited to get my collection and make the earrings you just made. I ordered my collection as soon as I started to watch Gina unveil the collection! I know I’ve said this before ......”I think this is my favorite collection so far!!” By me making this statement it tells EC that each month the collection just gets better and better!!! Love you guys!! ❤❤📿🌼."

- Mel

"Thank you for always providing me with quick delivery! Your service is outstanding."

- Karen

"Just want to say I've just started shopping with you and LOVE IT! I just purchased your May collection. It was so much fun to unwrap and find all the beautiful coordinated items!

Stay safe and healthy."
- Lynn D.


Sorry for shouting, was excited lol!
Thank you for a beautiful collection."
- Susan

"Oh my goodness. I just got my order and all my beads are simply beautiful."

- Chris

"Eureka is fabulous and fast. I so glad I found them."

- Fran

"Thank you for being awesome!!"

- Susan

"I would like to thank you for your sufficient shipment, the goods come to me in a really short time to Hong Kong."

- Anna

"Thank you for working during these scary times!"

- Eve

"For quite some time I’ve been ordering from Fire Mountain until I found that your company carries many more colors and finishes (galvanized, silver-lined milky etc). Thanks and take care!"

- Sharon

"Thank you for still being Available cause if I didn’t have beading to do during these times we’re having I would be a I thank everyone at eureka crystal for y’all service ❤"


"I’m on the West Coast, and am amazed and very pleased how fast my shipments arrive. The orders I place with a company an hour or two from me is so much slower."


"Excellent prices and HUGE selection"


"So I placed a bead order on Tuesday from eureka today is Thursday, just got a email it has shipped . How awesome are they ,I live on the west coast so at the latest it will be here Monday.
I’m so glad I found them . Can’t wait so I can finish my project and of course start another. Everyone have a great and safe weekend



I believe i wrote earlier today thanking you so very much for the order... I just wanted to let you all know that i really look forward to your different selection each month... I LOVE THIS ONE WITH THE STALLION... who ever puts this packages does an awesome job!!
I love it... my favorite was the different selection, but the ultimate for me was the agate slice... I especially love that, and recently started getting more into agates...
Once again... much mahalos all the way from little ol maui hawaii.....

"I love Eureka Beads! Gorgeous beads, great service! I love their videos too."


"Thank you for still being there cause of you guys I have something to do during these trying times.."


"I just want to say that the wild horse collection is one of the most absolute beautiful collections I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you so much I have a huge project that I’m preparing to do it’s going to be a large video and I’m super excited. Thank you so much for this inspiration. I also plastered it all over my BeadingAway page because it is that beautiful. Thank you so very much for shipping fast as you know I am not doing very well health wise and all of my treatments are put on hold until further notice so I don’t know what the future holds for me but this collection made me so happy. Take good care be safe."


"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads-

Just wanted to let you know, my Wildhorse Collection arrived at my door on April 4th. It came a couple days early—Yahoo!! It was in perfect condition, with every item on the list accounted for, and it was packaged very, very well.

I was so excited when I saw the galloping horse picture, which, by the way, I fully intend to put in a frame. This just brought out the little cow girl in me! The contents within the collection could not have represented a free-running horse any better. I believe this is my most favorite collection up to now. Love, Love, Love it.

Thanks to everyone at Eureka for imagining the theme, for assembling all the items to carry the theme, packing all those items, and shipping them --all of you do an excellent job."


"Thank you so much, I love the beads."


"So my wonderful order from @eurekacrystalbeads arrived today with this extra surprise! It brought tears because in these tough times they are helping me while I’m trying to help them!! Thank you, Joanna for the awesome substitute also! Eureka Crystal Beads is an amazing company with fantastic employees!!"


"Greetings, I received my package today and I just want to express how pleased I am with your wide selection of Toho 11 colors and finishes, your fair prices and your low shipping rate for such a quick 3-day delivery.

My main sources have been a local bead shop here in Phoenix and Fire Mountain, tho lately it seems a lot of their items are out of stock or no longer available and their shipping is pricey even for small purchases.

So thanks again, I’ll be back!"


"Just received my beads, love, love, love the green. Great choices, keep up the good work I love the collections!"


"This is so wonderful. Thank you so much. I look forward to playing with my collection and showing my purchase to my beading friends.

Until the next order, have a lovely day(s)."

"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads- just a short note to let you know, my order, arrived at my door on Saturday, March 7th. It was in perfect condition-filled correctly, and packaged very well. The Verdant collect is so beautiful, and it sure made me feel like spring is right around the corner! The "Waves Crashing" kit is also beautiful and I can't wait to get my fingers busy. Thanks to every one involved in filling, packaging, and shipping my order, for a job well done!"


"I love your collections, but can’t swing the whole thing. I love the fact that you have links to the individual items so that I can get them that way without going for the full collection. Thanks Eureka!!!"


"I love getting my Eureka Crystal Bead Collection each month. It's like Christmas every month. Thank you for such great product you assemble together. And thank you for your prompt deliveries of my orders."


"The Eureka Collection is the best one on the market. Even though/or perhaps because/ it isn’t a subscription collection, each and every one contains a fabulous assortment of coordinated QUALITY beads. Others just don’t compare."


"Thank you so much. The beads are beautiful! Wonderful!"


"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads-

Just a short note to let you know, my order arrived at my door on Feb. 10th. It was in perfect condition, and was filled correctly. All the items for the Flamingo Beach collection were accounted for.

I absolutely love all the items I ordered. The collection color combo is one of the best, such a warm feeling upon opening its sparkling wrap, in my mind, summer had arrived!

Because I had discovered a pattern for a necklace stitched with bugle beads and 11/0 delicas-these items I ordered are exactly what I wanted to complete the project. Perfect colors.

Thanks to every one who helped assemble, package and ship my order. Good job!"


"A beautiful collection. I love the free gift!"


"Dear All,

Thank you soooooo much!
Beginning of January I saw an unboxing video on one of my favorite YouTube channel, and instantly fell in love with this collection.

Guys what you do here is really impressive, and I am so happy and thankful to be able to receive this amazing beads.
Thank you so much for this very special way of treating the beads and the beaders.
Have a great day!
Yours in creative beading ;)"

"Thought you should know that I subscribe to BronzePony channel on YouTube and saw several of your monthly boxes being opened. That’s how I found you. They look amazing and I had a hard time deciding which one to get! Thanks for putting these together. I can’t wait to see mine in person!"


"Over the past three or four months I have watched several videos in order to learn CRAW. For every video it has become more clear to me how this stitch is constructed. It is hard since my spatial vision is lacking. Today, watching your video, the penny suddenly dropped. The clock way of thinking was really helpful! Thank you so much! Too bad I didn't have any FP beads at hand, tried with some round ones and despite that being very floppy I managed to see (and understand) what I was doing. I'm so happy, been wanting to master Craw for a long time and it was actually a goal for this year to do so :-) Now, I finally got it! Again, thank you!! A very happy Eva."


"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads—

My order arrived here yesterday, Jan. 6th. It was filled correctly, packaged with great care, and was in perfect condition.

I am so pleased with the Plumage Collection—every item included in the collection is so beautiful. It really reminds me of a peacock—minus all the vocalizations from that bird!! The rice pearls are lovely. And, now I have enough wire guardians to last me for quite some time.

Thanks to everyone who has a hand in getting my order together, packing it so very nicely, and shipping it with great care and speed."


"I just reviewed the "Collection" boxes on YouTube (Bronze Pony) OMG, I should have checked out the e-mail they sent. I'm buying them ALL! By far the BEST subscription or collection box I have ever seen!"


"Thank you so much for another beautiful collection!"

-Karin C.

"Your monthly collection boxes are absolutely incredible! Each one has had a very nicely curated selection of quality items that coordinate perfectly for that month's theme, at a great discount. And, each month's collection knocks the ball even farther out of the park than the month before - Amazing!"

-Kelly M.

"Hello how are you? I received my first order from you guys and have to say how happy I was that everything was counted for and correct. (I was a little worried about that, being such a big order and such small items.)"


"Just wanted to send you a quick note. I already received my order in yesterday's mail. I'm 'very' impressed at how fast you were at getting my merchandise to me. I love everything. I'll be back. (giggle)  

Thanks a lot!"

"The Glacier Lagoon and Moonshadow collections are right up my alley when it comes to colors. I ordered both of them, and they are gorgeous. The November Magic Forest collection came out and I hesitated. The colors are beautiful, but out of my comfort zone. Well I went ahead and ordered it and I am so glad I did. It is stunning and so inspiring! But I thought I definitely didn't need to order the Harvest Sunset collection. I mean, I love yellow but find it hard to wear on my skin tone. Well then Gina from Orchid and Opal Jewelry & Beads posted a sneak peek of a beautiful bracelet she is making from the Sunset Harvest collection. Well. My Sunset Harvest collection is waiting for me to put on pants and slug through the rain to the mailbox."


"I ordered this wonderful box I can't wait for my package to come. Great customer service they were great I had to call in was having a problem and helped to solve the problem and helped me placing my order. Thanks."


"Just a short note to let you know, my order arrived here on Nov. 15th. It was filled correctly, packaged with great care, and it was in perfect condition.

I am so pleased with all the items included in my order. The Forest Collection Box, in my opinion, is one of the best! The items included are all beautiful and so very well color coordinated, I will be able to make a lovely project almost immediately. Thank you for your “walking in the woods” sense you used to create this box.

My thanks also to Leah, who, with all her video time, helps me every single time I watch. I have learned so much about beading from Leah."


"Thank you for yet another perfect ordering experience."


"Excited to finally place my first order with you! This collection is just wonderful!"


"Dear Friends at Eureka

My lovely lovely beads arrived. I got 3 color coordinated collections and some Swarovski Rivolis and some freshwater pearls. They are just fabulous. All arrived in good order. I am sooo happy with them. It’s so much fun to have colors and sizes I would not normally pick. A nice challenge. And the colors are just perfect! I will be shopping again."

"Sorry—ordering again! I try to group, but then there’s a"


"I just opened my Moonshadow and Harvest collections. I am stunned both by the color coordination and the quality of the items! My Glacier collection has been ordered. I can hardly wait to receive it. Thank you so much for offering this wonderful product."
-Claire D.

"Stephanie Wilbert of Bronzepony recommended your site. I am very happy with my first order and am looking forward to getting my current order. thank you."
-Robin L.

"The manner in which Eureka has dealt with this has been wonderful, and I totally appreciate it. Please pass that sentiment along to anyone who’d been looking into this issue for me!"
-Alison K.

"Leah's videos are great. I like that all the products for the projects can be purchased from one page. Thank you Eureka!"

"Thank you for missing me! Eureka does a wonderful job. Love the Facebook group"
-Karen R

"~and notably fast delivery!!"

"Thank you for fast delivery. I can finish my projects quickly! You all are totally awesome."

"Thanks for shipping my order quickly, as I will be going on vacation. Thank you to Walter for his kind assistance today when my computer was not working properly"

"I got the download, thanks so much. The beads I ordered are to add to my TOHO challenge piece. I thought you would like to know you are the ONLY supplier I could find who had the colors in size 6! I will surely be ordering from you again next time I need Toho beads. Miss seeing you at shows."

"Hello, dear Eureka Crystal Beads Customer Support.
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my orders. You sell beautiful beads and supplies. I like your online store."

"I really love purchasing beads from your store!!!!! I love your variety of colors and your wholesale prices! Thank you so much for the beautiful gift you included in my order! You are the first bead shop online I always go to!"

"I always receive the best quality supplies from Eureka."

"Good quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service"

"Beads amazing as always, thank you!!!!!"

"I just received my crystal giveaway and am absolutely in love with all the bling. Thank you Eureka Crystal Beads"

"I love the prices, and the quality of the items:-).. Lets not forget the variety and selection they have! They are very easy to work with, and are very prompt with getting the order to you. Eureka is my favorite bead supply company."

"Wonderful people who have been so helpful and responsive will all my needs and questions. Quick shipping and I never have any mistakes on my orders! This is a fantastic small company and you can tell that they really have a passion for this industry. Thank you ECB"

"The prices or great serves is great and the beads or great what more can you ask for"

"How quick you are to fill your orders. The great selection of Swarovski Crystals. The amazing deals you have. Your awesome sales. Your website is so easy to navigate. Your awesome YouTube videos. I love you guys!"

"They are amazing company and fast shipping"

"Great products, ease of ordering, fast delivery, and since I compare prices, I find prices very good and with the shipping, service, and ease of ordering this is my number one place to order crystals."

"Overall-One of the best bead stores. My favorite"

"Great prices, selection (especially toho!), excellent customer service, quick delivery time"

"Thank you. I normally don't respond when I order things, but this process was so smooth and professional. I just had to let you know how much I appreciated the process. The product is as advertised, arrived safe and as you said it would through your tracking process. Thank you again"

"great customer service and fast delivery"

"Love the patterns and video tutorials! Leah is a terrific teacher :0). All orders arrive quickly and are correct (I love that!)- EUREKA ROCKS!"

"I like how easy it is to navigate their webpage and they make ordering so easy as well."

"Good prices, the beads are beautiful and the receiving time is great. Love it. "

"I just received my first order. I am thrilled with their great selection, and even greater prices! The site was easy to use, a big plus in my books. I purchased my Pony beading needles there too, at $0.85 per 6 pack. Overall, has a great selection of a wide range of beading products at great prices."

"Love the tutorials and the sales."

"Love the tutorials and the sales."

"Great products, good prices, quick shipping... I highly recommend this store."

"the prices, selections & service..absolutely love the wholesale beads/prices!"

"Great service and speed of delivery."

"Have loved all of my orders!"

"Great selection. Orders arrive quickly."

"Great selection of glorious beads!"

"Great product to Great pricing, lightning fast delivery, a wide assortment of top-quality beads to choose from. Eureka is my number one go-to shop for all my beading needs."

"Quality of bead color, authenticity of gems, vast variety
of all jewelry makings.

"I always love seeing you in Edison NJ at the Expo. I have also bought many of beads from you at the show and just directly on line. I just love the new colors in Swarovski beads and all the different one you have over the year."

"I have to tell you that my first pattern that I received with my order is what brought me to your site. This pattern, and the prompt pleasant
emails (customer service) will keep me there!"

"My absolute favorite place for beads and jewelry supplies! They are extremely efficient and knowledgeable. I love that they offer a ton of free patterns and they have such a wide range of beading supplies. All the employees that I've talked to have been extremely helpful and really nice."


"Love being able to buy seed beads in bulk. Site is easy to navigate, orders are shipped lightening fast and arrive packaged well. Completely satisfied with ordering from Eureka Crystal Beads."

"Excellent beads, great value, quick shipping LOVE this online bead store."

"I love Eureka Crystal Beads! This is my go to site, for quality, quantity , price. The shipping is bananas, they tell you when it shipped, give you a tracking #,and tell you when it has been delivered to your mailbox! No more anxiety about watching the mailman everyday."

"My order arrived in a timely manner, and it felt like Christmas. I haven't bought jewelry making supplies in a long time, so this was a HUGE treat for me. Being a semi retired person, I really appreciated your sale and clearance prices. There were no problems with my order, all is well! I also sang your praises to my friend Mary Craig in Bend OR. She does very exacting bead work, weaving and applique, so I knew she would love finding out about all your seed bead varieties, finishes and color.
Cheers to you all, and thanks again!

"Thank you for such a great selection and good prices of your beads. You always have what I am looking for. I love your new bead mixes and have already ordered several of them. Your order filling is wonderful, so quick! Since I live in southeastern Massachusetts I usually get my orders within 2 days!"

"First, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved my last order. I don't remember the number but is was for about $145 and it was almost all Swarovski. The only think I would ask is that when you give a free gift (as you did with me - a packet of bicone crystals) that you label it so that if I want to buy more of them - as I do in this case, I have a clue as to what they are. I have no idea so I can't order them at this point."

"I received my order today. Just wanted to let you know I'm thrilled with everything - especially how quickly it came. I plan to place another order very soon."

"Thank you so much. It is an absolute pleasure doing business with you. I am very impressed with the quick turnaround on the order and anticipate buying from you again. Have a good day." 

"So far I have been very impressed by your service. It is difficult to find and order beads online, but I found your site to be very easy to use compared to many others. If I typed the size, type, and color of bead the search on your website came much closer to finding what I was looking for than what I have experienced at other websites. I don’t always bead from a pattern, but I was looking for beads for a class I am taking and they only gave the bead color numbers—so it made it challenging!Thanks again for your great customer service. I tracked my order and it is supposed to arrive on Friday! So very fast turn around on shipping. Much appreciated. I am just beginning to focus on my beadwork again and starting out small, but I will definitely come to you first when I place my next order. Thanks so much!"

"Wonderful selection of the best beads. Quick turnaround time from order to shipping and receiving. Very nice people to deal with. Thanks for all you do for us beaders."

"Just got my order today and wanted to say thank you, especially for the little gifts included with the order! What a nice surprise and everything was packed nicely! The beads are gorgeous! Lot's of projects on the horizon! Have a great weekend!"
-Mary (Mef)

"Eureka always has what I need. I love the unusual colors and textures available in your beads. Great customer service too!!"

"I love this site... great flow of menus and order process. Great sales and one of my top "go to" sites for beads."

"The speediness of your shipping and delivery borders on insanity! I love it! I put in a small order at an (shall remain unnamed) online bead store on the same day and my order still hasn't shipped. You blow the others out of the water and I thank you for that."

"You guys did awesome !! Moving and shipped my package and I got it right on time. Thank you!"

"Love your beads and timely shipping as always Eureka Crystal Beads! Congratulations on the move! Can't wait to look see what's new!"

"Thank you for your excellent service and quick delivery of my last order, also i'm so excited at how beautiful the chatons are."

"As a former owner of a bead store, I am totally and completely impressed with Eureka. Fast thorough service and QUALITY at reasonable prices."

"I was one of the winners of this giveaway. What a surprise when I opened my packaged: Beads, patterns, swarovski wheel and a pen. Red is my favorite color so I am in heaven running my fingers through all these beads. Thank you so much! I also received my order of the new iridescent dark blue pearls. They are gorgeous!!"

"Love your beads, prices and very prompt service; thank you."

"I want to let you know that I have received my order.
Everthing was OK and I am very pleased with the quality of my crystals!

"A big thank you to Eureka Crystal Beads for all my awesome "birthday haul" items! I love everything and I can't wait to create some amazing pieces! Thanks for all the fabulous stuff, I will certainly be ordering again in the future and recommending you guys to others!"

"I love Eureka Crystal Beads! I always receive my orders quickly and with no mistakes. I love how Eureka Crystal Beads always have specials that really help out my wallet. I love to recommend Eureka Crystal Beads to my beading friends and see the excited looks on their faces when they receive their orders."

"I do prefer ordering your beads especially when I teach a jewelry class. The beads coordinate well together. You always have great colors and selections too."

"I absolutely love shopping with you guys. Thanks!"

"I received my order on Wednesday much to my surprise. I actually ordered from you and two other suppliers. One closer to me and one about 3/4 of the distance from me compared to you. You were the furthered away yet you arrived the quickest. I received the other two orders yesterday. I recently started a group (not a lot of members yet) but I have your company listed in the list of suppliers file. But I was so impressed with your help, delivery, and quality that last night I posted to the group about it. In the future I would be thrilled if you could send me a link for anything special going on at Eureka, such as contests, sales, new beads either style or colors anything that will promote your site as a great supplier that I can immediately upload it to my group. I'm sold on Eureka now I want others to be sold on you as well. Thank you."

"I received the items I ordered. I am very satisfied of all the products!
Thank you for the nice gift you put into the envelope, I appreciate it very much! I will certainly try to make something of those beads!

"I was very much pleased with the quality look of your bead's they have a very clean cut shape to them also a super high shine. Your prices very reasonable and packed nicely. Let's say you got me from my first order. I will be happy to visit again I also love sales. I will be more then happy to refer your store."

"A quick note to say how much I enjoy your web site. Easy to navigate, nicely organized, huge variety, colorful, and best of all, orders arrive quickly from waayy far a way (to Tucson)."

"I just placed an order recently and was knocked out, yet again, by the extensive stock in your store. I have recommended you highly to friends as having the biggest variety of swarovski crystals for sale in the world. (I did an extensive search many years ago) Cheers :)"

"Love your products!! Thank you for great prices and fast shipping.
I attached my dragon bracelet :)
Super happy beading!

"I just wanted to thank you for my order that I received in a timely manner. The fire polish beads are perfect and also thank you for the unexpected free gift. I will be sure to order from you again."

"This was my first purchase from you and I just want to comment on how impressed I am with your service! I received my order super super fast and that makes me very happy. All items were just as shown in descriptions. Thank you so much for the free gift and pattern as well....a very nice touch. I will shop again!"

"Hi and thank you for such a great web site with your tutorials. I love the dagger bracelet, I took a class and saw your pattern as well."

"You are the best! I am sure I am not the only one that thinks so. You (Eureka) are THE reason I went to Marlboro and had to pay sales tax! I really wish you would reconsider and come to NH! Maybe do your own trunk show. I like when I get home and organize things I put the ECB tags in my containers and I know I can find them on your website! Thanks Walter for honoring the credit, means a lot."

"I just finished my first bracelet. Thanks so much for sharing. This is definitely on my to do again list :)"

"I recently picked up one of your kits at the bead show in NY. I must say the tutorial was very clear and detailed. I love how it came it. It’s really a beautiful bracelet and one of my favorites."

"Thank you for taking the time to help me with my order. I just got it today and everything is just what I needed. You have the most beautiful colors and your staff is so knowledgable!"

"Wow! You guys move so fast I may get whiplash! Lol....good job guys.... excellent communication and lightning fast service! Love it! Thanks again" 

"I am on your mailing list and always looking forward to receiving your weekly newsletter. It is always so interesting and full of nice pictures. Thank you for the extra discount codes in your newsletter. I frequently take advantage of them." 

"Your custom coatings on Swarovski crystal are amazing. You definitely have the best selection of anyone out there. I have just received a Rivoli in Emerald Galaxy and love it!" 

"Your stuff is amazing and you deliver so fast. I know I found the right company for my supplies." 

"I have been coming to see you at the Edison, NJ show for years. You always have such a beautiful selection of Czech Glass and Swarovski, and all the other goodies. Your quality is much better than anyone else’s. I am so glad I finally dared to order on your website. I got my stuff in two days. Thanks for free shipping, see you in Edison!" 

"Love the warm winter collection"



"I found your store via your YouTube channel. Well done, and thank you!"



"Collection looks gorgeous"



"Just to let you know … the order that I asked about just now arrived and they are positively stunning! Perfect! Thank you so so much. You are always on top of everything and if there is ever a problem it’s either (1) the post office or (2) me. In this instance there really was no problem just a nervous Nelly.

Again, thank you so much."

-Sharon V.


"Awesome, thank you so much! I would like you to know that I truly love love love your quality. To bad we don't get free gifts once in awhile. Wink!wink! Once again thank you"



"Thank you for your prompt service and great inspiration. Happy Beading."



"More like a testimonial. Love the beads you guys sell! I’ve had fun making new pieces with them and get excited with each new order!"



"YAY!!! THANK YOU so very much! The substitute crystals will be just fine! I can’t thank you enough! I am so excited to finally get this order. Praying it gets here this time. Awesome customer service!"



"Allow me to first say how pleased I am with your products. I absolutely love the Krakovski crystals, they are beautiful."



"Happy Lunar New Year, and Happy Early Valentines' Day!!!"



"You have a nice selection of beads and an easy to use website. Thanks!"



"Well-organized site; glad to have found you."



"Happy Holidays!"



"Thank you for all the care you put into your service!"



"Just wanted to thankyou for letting me know that the 2mm
High Grade Goldstone beads were finally in stock again.
I ordered 3 packages of 190 each and will order more tomorrow.



"Oh. My. Gosh! That’s it! Thank you so very much. You ARE the rock!"



"Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your offer to refund me for the defective bead. In all the time I've ordered from Eureka, this is the only time I remember experiencing any problem with your products. Keep up the good work!"



"Thank you so very much ! I love to shop where I feel valued as a customer. You made my day!"



"Thank you so much for your update. In fact it just arrived in the mail today! I appreciate you checking into this and keeping me updated. That means a lot and I’ll be a continued customer.

Big hug!"



"Thank you for your prompt service. Happy 4th and Happy Beading :)."



"Another Beautiful Collection!!!"



"Your company is a dream come true!"



"Just received my first collection and I am ecstatic! It is beautiful and such a great value. My mind is spinning with creative ideas! I’m only sorry I waited so long. I now anxiously await the restock of Emerging Spring collection and check daily."



"When can I order these wonderful crystals again?
I am so excited that there exists such an amazing alternative to Swarovski crystals.



"Wow, you guys are amazing! Thank you so much!!! Your attention to my issue has been superb and I am forever grateful. Always a pleasure dealing with you."



"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads--Absolutely delighted!!! That was how I felt when I opened my latest order from Eureka. First of all, it arrived here on April 7th. It was filled correctly and was in perfect shape. The Emerging Spring collection, put together by one of my favorite beader/instructors on youtube-Stephanie, is just gorgeous. Tons and tons of usable beads in beautiful spring colors--and since I didn't have many 3x2 rondelles in my stash, this was an absolute gold mine. And, OMG, those little hibiscus flower beads are just so dang cute! I'll be back for more of them...they are just the things I am able to look at, and feel them in my hand, and know that better days are coming. While I'm gushing, just one more thing-thanks to Leah (another one of my favorite beader/instructors) I'm about to give the pondo stitch a whirl--let the games begin! Thanks to everyone involved in helping me along my beading path!"



"Yay! Bronzepony Spring Collection is so pretty!"



"Looking forward to April 1st Bronzepony Spring Collection!"



"I just wanted to reach out and let you know how happy I am that you are doing another collection. I love your collections and I am trying to purchase them all to add to my bead collection.
I would have never found this site if it wasn't for Stephanie and her YouTube videos. So excited about this collection. Yay!!!



"So Happy that you are starting your collections again. Stephanie is a wonderful designer and I'm excited to receive the beads.



"beads in general I always get good quality from Eureka"



"Swarovski crystals! The best colors, the best array of colors, nicely packaged, so many different sizes and shapes! I love my Swarovski! Make it rain Swarovski!."



"Thank you Eureka Crystal Beads for being there for us throughout this pandemic. Thank you for your prompt delivery and superior customer service."



"Eureka collections! I miss the monthly collections. They were a collection of beautiful beads and findings. Everything you needed to do projects"



"I am in love with all the bead mixes. It's difficult to choose just one."



"Thank you, I absolutely luv eureka beads!"

-Karen D.


"Fairy frost collection was one of my first purchases. It was outstanding! It began a journey in which I purchased many more collections. All have been gorgeous!"



"Thank you for sending me the note concerning my beads. Also thank you for sending them priority."



"Seed beads ordered came on time and are marvelous"



"Collections. I loved them! Please do it again!"



"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads-
Just a short note to let you know, my order-the Super Nova Collection-arrived here on Dec. 12th. It was is perfect condition with all items accounted for. This collection is just jam-packed with beautiful pieces--if you lay it all out on a table, it does resemble an exploding star!
Thank you all so much for excellent job you have done providing us with tons of beads, findings, and beautiful imagery to help us get our creative juices flowing. You certainly did a "bang up" job with this last one...You didn't call it Super Nova for nothing!!
I hope everyone is safe and healthy, and continue through the holiday season with chins up and good thoughts for a better upcoming year.



"Love all your products and your videos on You Tube! Thanks for all you do for us!"



"Thanks so much you guys too!! Happy holidays!"



"I love your monthly mixes! The collections are so well put together."



"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads-

Just a short note to let you know, my order, arrived at my door on Nov. 12th. It was in perfect condition, with all items accounted for. This month's collection is absolutely beautiful--and I'm not usually a cool color/weather person. I think the promo pic of the cabin just sucked me into the feeling of peace and stillness--which none of us have had lately. I thank you for that! All the white pearl ceylon beads I ordered are going to be used to make a RBG tribute collar--it will be beautiful.

Thanks for helping to keep my fingers busy and out of trouble.



"Best news possible. Thanks for getting back to me quickly. Good service is just as important as good prices. ECB seems to have both in the bag. Many thanks."



"Great, thank you so much! I'm very excited. Can not wait to receive my order."



"Thank you so very much. Y'all are my go to bead supply store and I am hoping to have lots of pretties for Christmas gifts this year. Thank you again for helping me... "



"I love you guys. Good luck with your move!"



"I just wanted to take a moment and mention what a fantastic teacher Leah Wyckoff is. I have done dozens or projects online with many wonderful teachers, but Leah certainly takes the cake! Thanks for sharing your knowledge Leah."



"I just want to thank you for the pleasant bead surprise that I received in my order. Some very lovely turquoise beads and fire polish, along with some two holed hematite beads, and some black 15* seed beads.
Thank you ever so much.



"Just received my last order from you and had such a surprise!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the little bags of FREE goodies. Sat right down to create with some different and exciting beads....ones I would probably never order on my own, so this gives me an opportunity to try something new. PLUS they are great colors and super ample amount so I can actually make something and get a good feel for them.

Stay safe and healthy."


"Just received my Royal Plumage Collection. I truly LOVE this set
and will make a beautiful jewelry set for my own use.
Thank you again



"I can’t wait to get my beads. I really appreciate your quick response.

Thanks again."


"I received my order today. I wanted to thank you for the beautifully beads! I truly appreciate the time and care you put into your deliveries! I am pleased with everything! Everything is gorgeous. Now, it's time to get back to beading! It's funny, half of the beading experience is building up your stash! You can never have too many, right? I can't wait to look at your Facebook, etc. to look for a little inspiration.

Thank you again"


"received your order. . thank you very much! stay healthy! keep beading!"



"Thanks for my order. Quick delivery, correct order and reasonable pricing."



"I can hardly wait until I receive this beautiful stone. I don’t know exactly what I am going to make with it but I am sure that I will figure it out. Thank you for having the most beautiful beading items."



"I LOVE rivoli’s! I have been making jewelry for several years but am new to this style of beading. I came across Bronzepony on YouTube and she mentioned your website. I viewed your website and was hooked! After placing a few orders, I must say I am beyond thrilled with your service! I will remain a loyal customer!

Now, back to the rivoli’s…. I would love to see more tutorials featuring various sizes of rivoli’s being used in earrings, bracelets, whatever. Being new, your tutorials have made beading stress-free, fun, and easy! The pieces I have made using your tutorial videos make me feel like a pro. I cannot thank you enough, Eureka!

This style of jewelry making is something I wanted to do 25 years ago but didn’t have the resources then to start. Now I have found you, I have a new hobby and am loving it!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 💗"



"BronzePony on You Tube... recommended your site and beads. I agree with her, love your website and have already placed a few orders with you!"



"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads,

Just a short note to let you know, my order, arrived here on Sunday, July 5th. It was filled correctly, and packaged very well, so it was in perfect condition.

I am so pleased with all the items included in my order. All the beautiful seed beads will be used to make some fun pieces on my “to try” list. The Serene Lavender Collection is beyond beautiful…It brought back memories of my sister—she loved purples and lilacs—she would have squealed when she saw all the lovely colors included in this collection. Thank you for the incredible free gifts—the beads and the lavender sachet were both a unexpected surprise. The sachet spent the night snuggled into my pillowcase.

Thank you all so much for making my shopping experience enjoyable, and one I plan to repeat in the future. Thanks for “staying the course” through these terrible times our country is living through—I truly appreciate your efforts."



"Eureka Crystal beads is amazing I placed and order yesterday and it was shipped today. They are so awesome . One of the best places I have bought from. They are my first go to now for my beading supplies."



"By the way, wanted to say huge thanks for the fast order operating and shipping😍💕😘. You, guys, awesome!"



"Thank you for a speedy delivery and the Beautiful beads."



"Eureka Crystal Beads, THE BEST!!! I live in Canada and even with the exchange, Eureka has more variety and there are items that I can not get in Canada!!! I especially LOVE the EUREKA MONTHLY COLLECTIONS. The girls are AMAZING on coming up with such beautifully gorgeous kits each and every month!!!
💚🌈Thanks Eureka Crystal Beads



"By far this is my favorite. I love the beach. However I can’t go now. This makes me smile 😀. Thanks "



"Hi, I'm a new customer of Eureka Crystal Beads and have placed my first order. I'm very pleased with the beads I received, by the way, and I promptly received them."



" I just want to say how much I love your boxes, for the types of beadwork I do they are the best on the market. The colors and textures that are put into each box are amazing."



"Thank you for all of my beautiful packs of beads. Cannot wait for your future packs."



"Thank you 😊 Eureka Crystal Beads for all your inspiration, style and colors!"



"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads-

Just a short note, to let you know, my Poppy Fields Collection arrived at my door on May 11th. It was in perfect condition and all items listed are accounted for. It was packaged very well, so, coming through the postal system, appeared to be just a walk in the park for this bundle of beauty.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in keeping me supplied with beads and materials. A service which is helping me stay relatively happy and occupied."



"Wanted to say how much I love all the beads!! Can wait to.use them. So many possibilities!!


Keep safe and healthy!!"


"Oh my. Thank you. I have never seen that before. Amazing. This is my first order with you. Found out about your company through Orchard and Opal. I'm so excited to get my order. Looking forward to a long relationship with your company. Thanks."



"You have a great inventory!"



"Thank you for another beautiful collection!"



"This page has been a wealth of inspiration. Thank you so much, I cannot wait to explore."



"I just received an order from you all. I wanted to publicly let you know how impressed I was with the way you packed it up. When I opened the outer envelope and saw that I could discard it right away and everything was in a clean inner envelope, I was very grateful. It made the arrival of my beads even better and way less stressful than receiving parcels has been lately. Thank you."



"I’ve wanted to say for a long time that the collection I bought could not have been better in any way and I would have picked out the same things. I can’t wait to buy another one, when I can."



"Hello, just got the Royal Plumage collection, WOW!! Stay safe and healthy! :)"



"Thank you so much. It’s really nice to see someone so on top of things."



"I got all the collections with the photos, I have it all put together like a collage in a frame, when I look at it warms my heart, and thank god for eureka beads!!!"



"Thank you got my package in my isolation! I am sure the beads will bring joy to my life— also forgot in my previous email to thank you for the very kind and sweet gift! Thank you for your excellent customer service!!

Be safe and healthy!"


"Just got my order and am very pleased with what I ordered"



"The whole collections are beautiful from the beads themselves to the presentation, packaging, photo, and titles. I can see the love put into designing them. I like that I have seen YouTube videos on projects also. Thank you!"



"Hi, Hope you stay healthy and safe, just wanted to comment on how exciting it is for me to be able to choose all these new bead colors and finishes from Eureka! I love our little local shop here in Phoenix, but she can’t possibly stock such a wide variety in the many different sizes her customers demand. In addition, I’m really impressed with the low cost and especially the SPEED of your shipping once you confirm an order. I ordered Saturday and am due to receive my package tomorrow!
Thank you all at Eureka!!



"Well done Eureka Crystal Beads! Ordered, 4/2/2020 12:11pm; shipping confirmation 4/2/2020 1:43; delivered 4/4/2020 9:52am! I have purchased all of your monthly collections and have been delighted with each and every one."



"Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for remaining open and doing such a great job of fulfilling our orders during this difficult time. I live outside of Boston and greatly appreciate your speed and accuracy in sending our orders so quickly. It enables us to keep beading during this horrific time. Be well and Many thanks,"



"Hi Eureka Crystal Beads,

Yes, thanks again. I just unpacked and organized the 5 Eureka Collections purchased over the last 2-3 months. I don't normally order retail, but I decided to order some of your color collections to broaden my choices of colors. I tend to get in a rut using the same general combos. Of course, I chose the Collections for the discount. However, upon unpacking and organizing the materials, I not only appreciate the freebies included in each collection, but I was also thrilled to see that many of the materials are Swarovski crystals (round, rivolis, etc.) and pearls and not cheap Chinese products. For me, the freebies and Swarovskis made the collections a much greater value.
I'm also happy to see little bags and tubes of shaped/2-holed beads I've been wanting to try. It's nice not having to order large bags of 1 style/color. As I said, I don't normally order retail, so you can probably imagine how big the bags are that I usually get, Eg 50-100-250 grams of 1 color of Superduos. I'm not complaining about the large bags. The price break is awesome. However, I'm not always sure I want a large bag of any given bead.
I've been watching a lot of Leah's videos on the Eureka CB YouTube channel and videos by Orchid & Opal. I'm looking forward to creating several of their beautiful projects. Yes, I'll be sure to share my completed projects with the Eureka CB Facebook group and other beading groups not sponsored by your competitors. The Verdant collection is what I have my sights set on to use first.
So to close, I just wanted to let the powers-that-be know just how pleased I am with my Eureka Color Collections. I look forward to ordering more as my budget allows, IE once our economy returns to normal.
I hope everyone there is staying safe to stay well.
With much appreciation,"


"Thank you so much for being open! I hope you are all well, and thank you for continuing to ship out!!"



"Thank you for being there for us! I appreciate your sale."



"I am a subscriber to Orchid and Opal on youtube. She had mentioned this giveaway and I just wanted to thank you guys for such a wonderful offer and opportunity! I have signed up for this website and will be passing on the word. Its a lovely thing you are doing for her and the beading community. Theres a lot of people who are afraid right now and having something like this is so important to helping process and create. You have a new and long term customer and again thank you <3 "



"Thank you! They’re beautiful. "



"Placed my order for the March Collection and a few other items at around 9:05 PST. Shipping confirmation sent at 10:30PST. Wow, the customer service you guys provide never stops impressing me. Thank you!"



"Getting a package in the mail from Eureka is the highlight of my day!!"



"Just wanted to let you know I got my last shipment of beads they were awesome as usual I also have all of the collections so far they are beyond wonderful LOVE THEM"



"I have purchased each of the collections because they are so beautifully curated. Most of them have been right up my alley, but one or two of them have been more of a stretch for me – but I like that because it makes me be more creative. Even if its to decide what to pair the beads with that is already in my stash to bring it closer to my comfort zone or just use “as is” out of my comfort zone! I do have to say that the latest, Flamingo Beach, is the biggest challenge with all of its eye popping oranges and pinks, lol!"



"These collections are absolutely beautiful! I love watching the unboxing videos and thinking of what I could make with them. Can’t wait to see what other color combinations you ladies come up with."



"Beautiful mix -- thank you!!"



"It's a beautiful collection, looking forward to working with it -- already have some juicy ideas."



"Hey! I just wanted to share that I have tried to learn stitches from other tutorials. But when I found Eureka I found Leah! She has been a wonderful instructor and makes things so simple and easy and it has made me really fall in love with beading! I am not able to create patterns on my own but I am having fun putting my own spin on her designs! I have been getting lots of compliments and people wanting to order....Thanks so much for everything!"

-Mel R.


"I was thrilled to find the bugle beads! I’ll know to search here again."




I just want to say one thing.... WOW!!!!
The royal plumage bead collection is outstanding.
Would it be ok if I gave you a shout on my YouTube channel?
I was going to make a video and upload because I am blown away.
Then make a project as well.
When people ask me where I get my beads I say only 2 places you and another. That’s it.
You guys are amazing this is just beautiful.
Thank you so very much for such an inspiring array of stunning beads.
Take care"


"Wow! Thank you so much! Great customer service for sure, would love to have Eureka closer to home!!!"



"Thank you very much for the speedy delivery! Very happy with the products."



"Thank you so much. Love your company! Fast delivery - unlike a recent other from another company I ordered from. Grrrrrr. Can't wait to get home and check out my package!!"



"Thank you! Your beads are super beautiful & love Leah's tutorials!"



"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads--Just a short note to let you know, my order, arrived here yesterday, Dec. 13th. It was in perfect condition, and every item ordered was accounted for. It was packaged very well, which made identifying every item very easy, and all items were nestled together just like little peas in a pod. Thanks to every person involved in fulfilling, packaging, and shipping my order--It is so much fun and a pleasure to place orders with your company."

-Sue E.


"the beads are beautiful...will be shopping again with you soon..."



"I am so excited to get my collection! I sat and watched the clock count down and ordered right away :) Then I watched what was in the collection from Bronzepony. At the time my box subscriptions from other companies have come to an end, I have canceled as they have become boring and just some small packets of just a few beads and not really any direction. I am thankful I was able to build a bead stash from them, having done so, time to move on. Your collections are lovely and have quality. Your customer service is #1 as well. Thank you. I have never tried embroidery before, and now I can. I have had the foundation for some time, just no inspiration to do it and now I have. Merry Christmas!"



"This is the first time I've ordered from you and I'm so pleased. I love everything I purchased and a big thank you for the Eureka bronze beads. They are beautiful. It doesn't say on it what type of bead it is, but I'd love to order in the future. Please let me know what the bead is, looks like a 5mm and you gave me a string of 50, wow!

Thanks again!"


"By the way, I received the 3 Eureka Color Collections I ordered earlier and I am so happy with them. I just love the colors, sizes and types of beads. One thing that I am really happy about is that these collections take me out of my comfort zone and give me more confidence to try other colors that I wouldn’t ordinarily choose. I am looking forward to trying more of them."



"Thanks for the quick revert and agreeing to make the refund. One thing I like about Eureka is the excellent customer service that you have. Appreciate it."



"Thank you so much, love your beads, everything and great customer service thanks again"



"Hello to all at Eureka Crystal Beads—

Just a short note, to let you know, my order, arrived here today, Nov. 4th. It was filled correctly and was in perfect condition. Every item I ordered was just as I had expected it to be…..beautiful and of excellent quality.

Thank you for the speedy fulfilling and delivery of my order. I look forward to making future orders from Eureka Crystal Beads."



"You guys rock!!!"



"Eureka Crystal Beads is the best!"



"Thank you for the tutorials. I look forward to watching some of your videos as well. Have a great day. =)!"



"Thank you so much for getting back to me. I am a Seed beader from several years ago and when I saw the video made by Bronzepony beaded jewelry recently my socks were knocked off by the beautiful, beautiful colors and shapes that were so well coordinated. And I loved your other two collections when I saw them online. Just so luscious!"



"Wonderful products, good to great prices, excellent service!"



"Thank you so much for a great sale!"

-Melanie H.


"One of many many reasons I love ECB is the greatest when it comes to quality products and shipping. I ordered these on the 25th and received today. Already see some great things in the mystery bags. "

- Susan

"Thank you so much for the prompt shipment of my order! What a beautiful gift as well, I love the rivolis! What a surprise, you have definitely got a new customer! Thank you again.  "

- Cheri

"your company always rises to the occasion to provide the information that we need. This is why I love this bead company. You guys are amazing. "

- Michelle

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Be Blessed." 


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"Hi! I just received my order including the free pattern for the Dagger Duo Fringed Bracelet, but was a bit disappointed that it called for 9/0 Toho Takumi large hole seed bead, and i do not see that you carry them in your stock. Nevertheless I did make the bracelet with 8/0 seeds without a problem. Wondering if you intend to carry them in the future or if they are really even needed???
Just thought I"d share that, and I will be ordering some more of the cute daggers.

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