Seed Beads Czech Glass




Czech Seed Beads come in many shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. This category has grown dramatically in recent years with the addition of two-hole and four-hole CzechMate beads. Czech Seed Beads are made from lead-free, high quality glass and are manufactured in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. Czech Seed Beads are prized for their color and luster. In many shapes they are similar to TOHO Japanese Seed Beads, but also come in many shapes not available from Japan. Some of the less known shapes of Czech Seed Beads are Pillow Beads and Pinch Beads. Mini Daggers are great for Kumihimo, Farfalle look marvelous just strung on a wire. A large hole Matubo is a very beautiful bead to create a base for your next project.