Selected Berries Harvest




Czech Glass Pinch Beads Free Project

Selected Berries Harvest

Skill Level: intermediate

Designer: Barbara Hoffmann for Preciosa Ornela


To download (PDF) instructions and print click here 


A Selected Berries Harvest necklace was inspired by the grapes which are used to make the first young wine.

The shape of the PRECIOSA Pinch bead reminds us of the curves of fresh grapes. Now you can bead small bunches of grapes, string them and wear them for any occasion. Choose from the wide range of colors offered by Eureka Crystal Beads and match them with your wardrobe. You can make many grape balls and string them in a necklace, or fewer and string them into a bracelet. You can make pairs and turn them into interesting earrings. Possibilities with this free-style project are endless. 

You can substitute R11 Rocalles with Toho Size 11. Shown below are examples of colors and components. 

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