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Toho means “Eastern Treasure” in English. Japanese seed beads are some of the finest in the world. Toho's precision-sized beads are made with a slightly larger hole than other seed beads, making them the bead of choice for stringing, looming and bead weaving.  The larger hole also creates lighter beads, which allows more beads by weight. Due to their cylindrical shape, it is easy to pass the beading thread through multiple times. TOHO seed beads are favored for their high quality, consistent color and uniformity. Offering a very unique look, your beading projects will turn out perfect every time!  

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Here you may purchase size 11 TOHO seed beads at rock bottom prices. Choose from a variety of colors and incorporate them into your next project. Orders over $35 within the U.S will receive free shipping! Size 11 seed beads are fun to work and extremely versatile.


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