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 Welcome to the largest selection of custom coated Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pendants anywhere. We carry an extensive line of unique, one of a kind Swarovski Crystals. In fact we have so many of them that we have sorted them by the coating to help you shop faster. If you know the name of the after market coating you can click on it and instantly see what is available. We carry a lot of mesmerizing color combinations in Swarovski beads, pendants and stones. Shop Electra, Sahara, Peacock Eye, Light Vitrail and more. Adorn your jewelry with unigue, fascinating crystal from Eureka Crystal Beads. Use our crystal with Czech Glass  Beads to create jewelry masterpieces.

Custom Coatings on Swarovski Crystal are aftermarket finishes and may vary in look depending on the batch they come from. Colors may also look different depending on the size and shape of the stone. They are all beautiful, but color inconsistency may cause a problem in some cases. We recommend that you buy enough in a single order to be able to complete your project. You will get them from the same batch and your color will always be the same. Custom Coated Swarovski Crystal may react with sweat and cosmetics and may come off if in constant contact with skin. You may protect your custom coated Swarovski Crystal from wear by applying (spraying) a coat of KRYLON, a Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating, to the back of the stones.

When using Japanese Seed Beads, Czech Glass Beads or Gemstones sprinkle your design with Swarovski to create an extra sparkle. You may also consider fabulous original Swarovski finishes displayed on Shop Swarovski Crystal Clear By Coating page.