Size 11 Delica Miyuki Seed Beads Wholesale (Bulk)




We offer Size 11 Delica Beads in wholesale quantities:

Size 11 Delica are very popular seed beads. They are perfectly cylindrical in shape. Delicas come in four sizes of which size 11 is the most popular. Delicas are as tall as they are wide and have a large hole which will allow multiple passes of beading thread. These high quality beads are extremely consistent in size and color. Delicas are easier to work with than round seed beads especially when you are creating beaded projects that are knitted or crocheted. Delicas are preferred by artisans for woven jewelry that require an even and symmetrical look. They are great for loomed pieces as well because they produce a finished product that is very smooth in appearance. 

Get Size 11 Delica Beads for your next project from Eureka:  

Delicas are expensive but at Eureka Crystal Beads you can always get them at a rock bottom price. We offer this everyday lowest wholesale price to the public. See below how much you can save. Size 11 Delica Beads are sold in 25 gram packages (approximately 4800 pieces). 

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