SuperKheops par Puca Beads Czech Glass



SuperKheops par Puca are pressed glass beads shaped like a pyramid

These beads have two parallel holes going through the triangular base of a pyramid. The base is the same shape and size as Kheops par Puca beads and the placement of the holes in the base of SuperKheops and in Kheops is identical. Both beads triangular shapes perfectly match each other and can be used alternatively in the same beaded design for a spiky look and for a flat, polished look.

Buy SuperKheops directly from Eureka Crystal Beads and start designing with them now

These three sided pyramid-shaped beads will add interest to your designs. Use them to create elegant multi-dimensional patterns or funky, modern designs. We offer SuperKheops par Puca in 10 gram packages (approximately 60 pieces). 

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