Swarovski Crystal Chatons


Shop our #1088 8mm Swarovski Crystal Chatons below. If you are looking for larger quantities of each color you might want to check our CHATONS AT WHOLESALE PAGE.

These amazing, sparkly, no-hole stones have a shape similar to a princess cut diamonds with a dominant flat top facet letting you see deep into a stone. Chatons are pointed and quite deep in the back and have symmetrical cuts on the side and the back. These Crystal Stones have a mirror-like foil applied to the bottom to reflect more light. Chatons can be easily glued in the right size cavities, or embelished with seed beads. If you are looking for a quick project which requires just closing the prongs you may consider our popular 4-prong Sew On Settings.  See also Swarovski 8mm Rivolis which are no-hole, pointed back stones like Chatons, but less pointy in the back with a different cut which makes the top and the bottom of the stone look identical. You may also consider using Czech Preciosa Crystal Chatons which come in different colors and finishes.

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