TOHO Demi™ Seed Beads Size 11




seedbeadcategorybanner.jpgThe TOHO Demi™ seed bead in size 11 is 2.2mm in diameter and 0.9mm thick. It has the same diameter and a hole size as the Round Toho seed bead. It looks like parts of a regular seed bead have been shaved off to create a small disc. The Toho Demi™ Round which is an official name is an instant classic shape which works flawlessly with all stitches, traditional seed beads and other popular beads. We sell size 11 in 2.5" plastic tubes which hold approximately 8 gram of beads (1400 pieces). 

You may also consider buying Size 11 Toho Demi Seed Beads at bulk/wholesale quantities.

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