TOHO Demi™ Seed Beads Size 8





The TOHO Demi™ seed bead in size 8 is a thinner version of the traditional round seed bead. It looks like parts of a regular seed bead have been carefully shaved off leaving a pristine rounded surface. This bead has the same hole size and diameter as a round seed bead. The Toho Demi™ Round (official name) is similar to the very popular Czech Glass O-Bead, but it is smaller and has a rounded edge, measures 3mm in diameter and is 1.5mm thick, it has a large hole and a disc-like shape. Size 8 Demi™ are sold in 2.5" plastic tubes by approximately 7.5 gram (590 beads).

You may also consider buying Size 8 Toho Demi Seed Beads at bulk/wholesale quantities.

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