TOHO Round Seed Beads Size 15




seedbeadcategorybanner.jpgTOHO Size 15 is equivalent to 1.5 mm. You will get 25 beads per inch. These small Japanese seed beads are most comonly used in embroidery and bead weaving. We offer a large selection of Toho Size 15 beads. We sell them in reusable plastic tubes by 9 grams, which is approximately 2500 beads. If you are interested in a large quantity of one color you may purchase them in bulk in 100 gram bags and get a wholesale price. You may choose to shop all colors, or if you are looking for a particular shade we have them grouped below by colors and finishes. For instance if you are looking for a Permanent Finish click on the "Permanent & Metallic Finish" icon and see them all there. It is much faster to do it this way. You may also enter a color number in the search engine above to see if we have it. For instance if you are looking for #121 White Opaque Luster, enter #121 in the search. We use standardized Toho factory color numbers. Some resellers may use their own made up numbers making your search for a color difficult. In most cases, we will have that color in stock but under the Toho factory number.