ELITE Eureka Crystal

Shopping for the highest quality crystal bicone beads? Look no further than ELITE Eureka Crystal Beads! These crystal bicones are made in Austria and are indistinguishable in quality from other well known brands. We now offer a selection of the most popular colors, sizes, finishes and effects so you can incorporate these crystal beads into all of your elegant jewelry projects seamlessly. ELITE Eureka Crystals will give all your designs a high end luxury feel with incomparable sparkle, clarity and brilliance. You will find our ELITE bicones have an incredible consistency from batch to batch so your colors will always match! Give new ELITE Eureka Crystal Beads a try and we guarantee you’ll love them! ELITE Eureka Crystal Bicones are suitable for replacing any Swarovski bicones in all your designs and patterns. Read more about the benefits of using ELITE Eureka Crystal beads and pearls here.