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Eureka Crystal Beads was born from our love for creativity and a strong bond with fellow beaders. We started small, attending local bead shows, and have grown into a bustling online bead store with a vast selection of beads and jewelry-making supplies. We feature ELITE Eureka Crystal, Eureka's own brand of the best quality Austrian crystal, which is not only compatible but also identical in shape and color to the discontinued Swarovski crystals, and our affordable Krakovski crystal line has gained a large, loyal following as well. Our innovative Bead Collections serve as a constant source of inspiration for beaders, encouraging them to create unique jewelry pieces. The vast selection of seed beads available at Eureka includes all shapes of Japanese seed beads like Toho beads and popular Miyuki Tila beads. We also provide a diverse range of Czech glass beads and jewelry findings. Beaders of all skill levels enjoy our free beading patterns and beading tutorials. We regularly team up with Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry and Orchid & Opal to teach and introduce fresh ideas. We love interacting with beaders like you, so join our community of beaders by subscribing to our newsletter and YouTube channel or joining our Facebook group—the Beader’s Nook. Together, let's nurture and celebrate our creative spirit!

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Choose the right crystal beads for your designs at Eureka Crystal Beads:

Crystal beads captivate jewelry makers with their unparalleled beauty and mesmerizing light refraction. All our crystals possess an enchanting allure. The challenge is in selecting the finest crystal beads for DIY jewelry without overspending. How can one choose the right crystals?

Decide what you want your jewelry for

Tailor your crystal bead selection to match the intended style and use of the jewelry. For making bold statements, consider larger crystal stones such as pear, cushion, or rivoli shapes. If crafting formal jewelry, consider combining crystals with crystal pearls. For creating delicate necklaces or bracelets, opt for smaller crystal bicones in neutral tones.

Quality and cost of your jewelry

The quality of your jewelry is a vital factor in the selection of crystal beads. Higher quality often demands a larger investment, so being discerning is important. Elite Eureka Crystals, crafted in Austria, stand as a superb alternative to Swarovski, boasting uniform color, clarity, and precision-cut facets. However, this top-tier quality comes at a premium price. Elite and Swarovski crystals are virtually indistinguishable when interchanged. Another emerging favorite Krakovski crystal, comparable to Preciosa, offers a slightly lower refraction than Elite and Swarovski, with minor color inconsistencies that are generally imperceptible. Beaders admire Krakovski crystals for their beauty and reasonable pricing. For more casual jewelry, affordable yet lower-quality Chinese crystals can be considered.

Crystals Color Consideration

Selecting the color of crystals for your jewelry largely depends on personal taste, yet adhering to certain guidelines based on the jewelry's purpose can be beneficial. Consider darker tones for evening wear and vibrant colors for summer parties. If you find choosing colors overwhelming, you're not alone. To simplify the task, we've curated bead color mixes and bead collections to make it easier for you.

Crystal Size Consideration

The size of crystals significantly influences jewelry design. Larger beads make a bold statement, while smaller ones offer delicacy and intricacy. Additionally, the size of crystal stones and beads plays a crucial role in the weight of your jewelry. Ensure the finished piece is light and comfortable to wear.

If you are seeking inspiration, free beading projects and ideas visit our Design Center. We have plenty to share with you.