Czech Glass


The Czech Glass our beads are made from, also known as Bohemian Glass or Bohemian Crystal, is an extremely high-quality and lead-free material. The crafting process has been refined over the past 300 years in the Czech Republic and are beads are still produced in small batches. No two batches are exactly alike, adding to the charm of their vibrant colors, finishes, and textures, but that does mean you should stock up before a project if you’re looking for a homogenized look. We have an impressive selection of Firepolish, Druks, English Cut, Daggers, Pinch Beads, and many more including a wide variety of 2-hole, 3-hole, and 4-hole drilled beads in different shapes and sizes. Multiple-hole beads have completely revolutionized the art of beading, they’ve opened design possibilities and 3-dimensional works never before thought possible. Try mixing Czech beads with our exquisite Swarovski selection for stunning effects, our Czech Glass Mixes pair beautifully with their coordinated Swarovski Bicone counterparts.

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