Eureka Wholesale

How to set up a wholesale account at Eureka Crystal Beads:

1. If you are a new customer, first  you need to create an account and provide your business address.

2. If you already have an account or once you've created one, fill in the registration form you will find down below.

3. We will verify your account and send you a confirmation email, or request more information.

4. Once your wholesale account is set up, you will be granted access to our wholesale catalog.

This means that a special wholesale category will automatically display when you're logged in to the account. Just remember to log back in to see the products available to order wholesale.

5. Now you can place wholesale order requests!

Placing wholesale order requests:

●  Wholesale orders are placed via email through direct message or by filling out our Wholesale Order Request Form.

●  When your wholesale account is set up, you will receive access to our Wholesale Catalog as well as our Wholesale Order Request Form. 

●  After we make sure that your products are available in the specified amounts, we will send you a summary of your order with a payment link, and ask you to confirm your shipping details.

●  After you make your payment, we will process the order.

●  Minimum wholesale order value is $124.95.