2-Hole NIB-BIT 6x5mm Czech Glass Beads OPAQUE BLUE PICASSO 2.5" Tube

SKU: ECB-377-65-T3305


2-Hole Nib-Bit Beads are shaped like a wedge: 

2-hole Nib-Bit Beads Opaque Blue Picasso have a tapered wedge shape and two parallel holes. These pressed glass beads are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. Nib-Bit Beads have large holes (0.6mm) which easily accommodate multiple passes of beading thread.

2-hole Nib-Bit Beads specifications: 

  • Color: Opaque Blue Picasso
  • Brand: Matubo
  • Category: 2-Hole Beads
  • Shape: Nib-Bit  
  • Material: Czech Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 6x5mm
  • Hole size: 0.8mm
  • Quantity: Each tube contains about 8-9 grams of beads (approx. 50 pieces)