Firepolish Beads




 Czech Glass Firepolish Beads, along with Seed Beads, are the main components used in a variety of beading designs. They are pressed out of lead free, colored glass rods, processed on semi-automatic grinding machines to eliminate lumps, or indentations and finally placed in large ovens for firepolishing, during which their surface is slightly melted to make them look shiny and feel smooth. This ages-old, traditional firepolishing process transforms ordinary glass beads into sparkly, vintage looking beads sought after by designers and beading enthusiasts. Firepolish beads come in several sizes of which 3, 4 and 6 mm are the most popular. Firepolish Beads are great for bead weaving and stringing projects, they beautifully complement other materials like Leather Cord and metal. Eureka Crystal Beads carries only the best quality Firepolish Beads in many colors and finishes. Please enjoy our large selection of amazing colors. If you are looking for round beads without facets consider Druk Beads and for unusual round beads with a ridged surface Melon Beads