All Toho Seed Beads

If you are shopping for the best jewelry making supplies, Japanese Toho brand glass seed beads are some of the finest in the world. Toho, which means "Eastern Treasure" in Japanese, has been in continuous operation since 1951 and is one the world's best known brands for quality glass seed beads that require minimal culling. Toho's precision-sized beads are made with a large hole making them the bead of choice for stringing, loom work and bead weaving. The larger hole allows you to pass the thread through the bead several times. Toho seed beads are favored for their high quality, consistent color and uniformity. 

Eureka Crystal Beads carries several shapes of Toho seed beads including round, Demi (doughnut) and Aiko (cylindrical) in several popular sizes. You can see our full selection of Toho brand beads below, if you are only looking for one specific shape such as Delicas you can shop our dedicated Delicas section or use filters to see only what you are looking for.