Eureka's Dog Days of Summer Giveback Event

Eureka's Dog Days of Summer Giveback Event

Posted by Aga O on 17th Aug 2023

Hey there, Beaders!

Isn’t the world experiencing some real dog days of summer right now? This got us thinking – not about the heat, let’s not think about that too much, but about our best four-legged friends and how they give us back so much more than we give them! With this thought in mind,we’ve decided we wanted to give back to you, too.

It’s time for Eureka's Dog Days of Summer Giveback Event, where your bead shopping not only brings you joy and hours of beading, but also rewards you with some fantastic discounts for your future endeavors in creativity. So, get ready to dive into a shopping experience where in addition to your shopping, you get COUPONS!

Here's the scoop on how Eureka’s Dog Days of Summer Giveback works:

Event Dates: August 17-18

For those of you who place an order with a total value of $45 or more during the event period, you're in for a treat! We’ll send you an e-mail discount coupon that you can use to save on your next shopping spree.

Coupon tiers:

  • The PUG: orders between $45.00 and $74.99 – you will receive a $5 coupon for your next order.
  • The LAB: Orders between $75.00 and $124.99 – you will receive a $10 coupon for your upcoming purchase.
  • The MASTIFF: Orders of $125 or more – you will receive a generous $15 coupon to use on your next order.

Important ground rules:

▶ Your order's value for coupon qualification is calculated after applying all discounts, and before adding shipping costs, taxes, and insurance fees.

For instance, if your order's initial value is $125, you use a $2 coupon and add a $3 insurance fee, your order will be considered to fall within the $75 tier, as $125 - $2 equals $123.

▶ We'll email your coupon codes to you on the Monday following the event.

To ensure you don't miss out, please make sure to add to your email's contact list, so the email doesn't accidentally land in your spam folder.

▶ If you're a savvy shopper and place multiple qualifying orders, you'll receive one coupon code per tier, but remember that your orders have to have varying total values falling within each tier.

This means you could potentially score three different codes by placing three distinct value orders.

▶ Each coupon is a one-time deal and expires at the end of October.

▶ Whether your next purchase is a small one or a splurge, you're covered – there is no minimum order value, the coupons will work no matter your order total!

▶ Keep in mind, these coupons are prepared exclusively for you and are non-transferable. They hold no cash value, so they cannot be exchanged for money, but they surely pack a punch when it comes to making your bead dreams come true!

We're thrilled to celebrate the joy of beading, but also to shout out to our woof-derful and paw-some friends with you during Eureka's Dog Days Giveback Event! We hope the coupons you get fuel your creativity even further and help you raise your beadwork to new heights!

PS. If you love dogs (and pets in general) as much as we do, you’ve got to see some of our favorite dog- and pet-related beads & supplies!

Stay creative and keep sparkling,

The Eureka Team