Chinese Crystal Rondelle Beads 3x2mm LT. AVOCADO GREEN MATTE


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Chinese Crystal is a less expensive alternative to other crystal beads. These small spacers work great in-between larger beads.

Chinese Crystal 3x2mm spacers specifications: 

  • Color: Lt. Avocado Green Matte
  • Country: China   
  • Category: Crystal Beads
  • Shape: Faceted Spacers  
  • Material: Chinese Crystal
  • Measurements: 3x2mm
  • Quantity: approx. 16.5 inch strands, approx. 190 pcs.

These Crystal beads come from a variety of different manufacturers in China. Due to the way they are manufactured, the size of beads can differ up to 0.5mm and result in a different strand length. Colors may also vary. Because we don’t have any control over the manufacturing process, we cannot guarantee that all the strands are the same length and the beads the exact same size. If it is important that all your beads are precision cut to specific sizes please consider Swarovski or Preciosa crystal beads or our wide range of Japanese seed beads.