Cork Leather Sheet BLACK- SILVER 11.5"x8"

SKU: CL-7403-04


Our Cork Leather, sold per sheet, is made of a thin layer of dyed natural bark of the cork oak tree, pressed on woven fabric and conditioned with synthetic material to ensure flexibility, durability and to prevent fraying. Use it in beading, in bead embroidery as backing or beading foundation, or in other DIY to make purses, bags, wallets and more. In this ever trendy satin black color with cool metallic silver accents, Cork Leather is not only pretty, but also very practical and easy to work with; your needle will go through it like a knife through butter, cutting it to shape will be a breeze, the color will not transfer on to your skin, and you can easily clean it with a wet cloth with a bit of delicate dish detergent. This Cork Leather’s thickness is comparable to that of Ultrasuede.

  • Color: Black-Silver
  • Shape: Rectangle Sheet
  • Measurements: 11.5x8 inch
  • Thickness: 0.6~0.8 mm
  • Quantity: sold by 1 sheet