Czech Glass 2-Hole Cradle Beads Horizontal Hole 6x10mm OPAQUE CHAMPAGNE (2.5" tube)

SKU: PB408-1006-LC02010


Introducing an exciting and unusual addition to our Czech Beads catalogue: the unique 2-hole Cradle beads with horizontal holes. Although they are unlike any pressed beads you've encountered before, Cradle beads seamlessly complement other pressed glass Czech beads, unlocking a realm of unprecedented design possibilities. Picture an elongated, centrally flattened SuperDuo bead gracefully stretched into a soft, rounded diamond shape – slightly reminiscent of a cradle. This version of the Cradle bead has its holes positioned along the horizontal axis of the bead, parallel to the surface when laid down flat.

Embrace your creativity and venture into the world of extraordinary bead mosaics using these horizontal-hole Cradle beads, alongside their vertical-hole variant, and a range of other Czech pressed beads. Let these beads be your gateway to crafting unique, intricate and artful designs!

Before you start your beading project make sure that both holes in these 2-hole beads are open and unobstructed, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable beading experience.

Czech Glass 2-Hole Cradle Beads Horizontal Hole 6x10mm OPAQUE CHAMPAGNE specifications: 

  • Category: 2-Hole Beads
  • Shape: Cradle
  • Hole Placement: Horizontal
  • Material: Czech Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 6x10mm
  • Hole size: 0.6mm, fits up to 22 gauge wire or thread
  • Quantity: 2-hole Cradle Beads OPAQUE CHAMPAGNE are sold by 8-9 grams (approximately 40 pieces)