Ethereal Opal Collection


A kaleidoscope of color beams off the surface, like fireworks across a night sky. Some of the most prized opals can flash every color of the rainbow; however, in this collection we will delve into shades such as pacific green, sky blue, vivid violet, and pearly white. AB coatings, luster finishes, reflective crystals, and metallic gold meld with these cooler tones, incorporating a fiery brilliance.

Ethereal Opal

Designed in collaboration with Gina from Orchid and Opal Jewelry, this lovely bead collection contains an electrifying and cool palette of colors inspired by the mysterious beauty of natural opal stones. Bursting with blues and greens as well as flashes of purple, this collection is accented with neutral whites and gold tones.

Dive into the Eureka Collections and discover innovative new color palettes with the highest quality beads including Japanese seed beads, Czech glass, Krakovski crystal, Preciosa Crystal, high quality findings and more!

You can purchase the whole Collection at a significant discount or pick and choose just the items you like individually. It's up to you!