LT. COLORADO TOPAZ IGNITE #4120 14x10mm Swarovski Crystal Fancy Oval Stone



This 14x10mm Swarovski Oval Fancy Stone is a unique and stunning piece of crystal beauty. Lt. Colorado Topaz Ignite this beautiful stone is perfect for adding that wow factor to any design. Encase this jewel in a beaded bezel and use it as a focal piece for a necklace or as one of a large ensemble of various sizes of Swarovski stones for a truly stunning design.

LT. COLORADO TOPAZ IGNITE #4120 14x10mm Swarovski Crystal Oval specifications:

  • Color: Lt. Colorado Topaz Ignite
  • Shape: Oval no-hole Stone
  • Swarovski Number: 4120
  • Material: Austrian Crystal 
  • Measurements: 14x10mm
  • Quantity: sold by 1 piece