Verdant Collection


Silvery beads of rainwater sparkle on broad leaves. The air is still. Lush greenery all around you shines with life. You take a fresh breath and move forward.


This Collection is inspired by lush greenery, the anticipation of spring and the beautifully curated 'indoor jungles' tended by 'plant moms.' This palette of greens is contrasted with elements of sliver like rain drops pooling on broad leaves and black reminiscent of the deep dark places on the jungle floor. You have all the elements you need for vibrant and dramatic jewelry and accessories.

Our Collections are an innovative combination of the highest quality Japanese seed beads, Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, beautiful findings and more! All the colors are carefully selected by trained designers to create a beautiful, cohesive collection that will inspire you to create breathtaking designs.

You can purchase the whole Collection at a significant discount or pick and choose just the items you like individually. It's up to you!