4-Hole QuadraLentil 6mm CzechMates SUEDED GOLD LAME (2.5" tube)

SKU: 390-06-79081CR/C


The CzechMates QuadraLentil are 6x6 mm flat lentils similar in shape and size to Two Hole Lentils. QuadraLentil have four large holes drilled in all four corners of a bead. Holes in QuadraLentil are big enough to allow multiple passes of your beading thread. 

QuadraLentil Sueded Gold Lame specifications:

  • Color: Sueded Gold Lame
  • Category: 4-Hole Bead
  • Shape: Lentil
  • Country: Czech Republic 
  • Material: Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 6x6mm
  • Hole size: 0.6mm
  • Quantity: sold by 2.5inch tube, approx. 8-9 grams (65 pieces)

Czech 4 Hole QuadraTile