Aiko Seed Beads Mix SEAFOAM

Aiko Seed Beads Mix SEAFOAM

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Aiko Seed Beads Mix SEAFOAM


What’s the best way to match your seed bead colors? Let us do it for you! These gorgeous Aiko Seed Bead Mixes allow you to explore different color palettes or to create entire sets and series of beaded jewelry projects! Pop a few of these Aiko Bead Mixes in your cart so you ALWAYS have a color coordinated palette in the world’s most precise cylindrical seed bead! Use these beads in your weaving, loom, and stringing projects.

Aiko Seed Beads Mix SEAFOAM specifications:

  • Colors: #135, #560, #PF570, #561, #130D, #173, #PF561, #PF560, #PF569
  • Category: Seed Beads
  • Shape: Cylindrical size 11/0
  • Country: Japan
  • Material: Lead-Free Glass
  • Quantity: total of approximately 50 grams in 9 individual packages