Bead Embroidery DARK Starter Bundle Pack

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This Bead Embroidery Starter Pack (DARK version) is not only a great buy if you’re just starting your beading journey and want to get all the basic supplies in one go, but it can also be a practical way of replenishing your bead embroidery essentials. It will also make a wonderful gift for a beader in your life. This 4-pack contains 1 sheet of black beading foundation, 1 bobbin of black Toho One-G thread, a pack of size 11 Pony beading needles, and a small tube of E6000 glue perfect for sticking your cabochons to the foundation. Choose your favorite beads and get creative!

Bead Embroidery DARK Starter Pack Bundle specifications:

  • Products: Beading Foundation, Toho One-G Thread, Beading Needles, Glue
  • Brands: Beadsmith, Toho, Pony, E6000
  • Materials: Polyester, Synthetic Fiber, Nickel-Coated Steel
  • Quantity: pack of 6 needles, sheet of beading foundation, bobbin of Toho One-G thread, tube of glue